Want to know what it’s like to live in a truly smart home?

Join us to #C4Yourself. Visit our Cincinnati showroom!

A truly smart home is one that requires minimal interaction and doesn’t require you to manage dozens of apps.
Imagine this. A simple voice command arms the alarm and locks the doors on your way out to work. A quick tap puts your house to bed, rolling back the temperature, closing the shades, and turning off the lights. The phone in your pocket tells you when the kids are home and ensures that the garage is closed. This is living the smart life with Control 4.
It’s hard to believe unless you can see it for yourself, isn’t it? That’s why you’re invited to our open house event where you can #C4Yourself. our Control4 Certified Showroom is the perfect place to experience the true magic of an automated home. We will demonstrate these orchestrated experiences that make homes safer more convenient, comfortable, and enjoyable.

Win a Control4 Smart Home Starter Kit!

EA-1 Smart Home Controller
The controller is the brain of your smart home. It allows the electronic devices in your home to work together—from lighting and security, to music and video, and pretty much anything else in between.
SR-260 Remote
Replace all the remotes that clutter your coffee table with one that controls all audio and video equipment, along with lights, music, temperature, shades and more. Control4 systems can also be controlled from your mobile device, by voice, and a myriad of other touch-points that make sense for the whole family.
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