Hanson has a good, better, best and ultimate selection of Hi-Fi Audio products from the finest, highest quality, award winning manufacturers in the world. We pride ourselves on having many of these available for audition in our store/showrooms. You are welcome in our store/showrooms at any time but to avoid possible audition wait times for some systems, we do schedule appointments where we can setup systems in advance and make sure they are available for you when you arrive.

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See us for a wide selection of award winning products from the best companies in the world.

Ultimate sound performance relies on many items including where and how the components, turntables, or other electronics are placed. Considerations such as vibration mitigation, footers, isolating cones, filters, resonance control are all items that can impact sound performance. Room setup and placement are also issues that items like acoustic panels can remedy to get that ultimate sound quality. Check out some of our award winning products in these categories.

Headphones of every type are available. Audiophile, wireless, noise cancelling, TV, In ear, On ear, Over the ear in a good, better, best and ultimate selection. Visit our store/showroom to listen and compare the various options.

High performance audio cables, interconnects, speaker cables, power conditioning, and other options are available to enhance your listening experience. Visit our store/showroom to experience what a difference a cable can make.

Hanson has some of the best performing speakers in the world available in a good, better, best and ultimate offering. Speakers are available in floor standing, bookshelf, in the wall, in the ceiling, on the wall, on the ceiling, and sub-woofers. We have many pair available for audition in our store/showrooms. Each has their purpose and Hanson has the expertise to provide the answers as to what may work best in each specific environment.

Vinyl has made a tremendous comeback over the past several years and continues to set new volume records for albums released and purchased each year. Hanson has a wide selection of turntables and turntable accessories such as cartridges and cleaners available for your audition in our store/showrooms.

How we listen to music has evolved over time and with the availability of streaming services such as Pandora, Spotify, Apple Music, Google Play, Amazon Prime and others the devices we use to listen with have evolved as well. See Hanson for a wide selection of devices that maximizes your streaming audio experience.