Automation can start small with controlling a single function but is able to expand and scale to establish whole house control based on your various requirements. There are currently in excess of 12,000 different devices that can be controlled with the push of a button. Hanson has achieved the highest levels of recognition in home automation and has the expertise to control entertainment, security, lighting, energy management, blinds/shades, pool/spa controls, intercom and gate control – all in a single smart home solution.

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It is comforting to have only one device to control all your functions verses a table full of remotes to do the same. Options include hand held, wall mount, or even utilizing your smart phone or Amazon Echo voice commands tied into our control systems.

Lighting can be controlled by time of day, or by select commands such as programing a good night function that turns off all the lights in your house when you turn in for the night. Visit our store/showrooms to explore and experience the possibilities.

Shades and blinds can be motorized by direct connect or battery which means you can transform your room with the touch of a button tied into our control systems. No cords mean that kid and pet safety will not need to be an issue. Savvy homeowners will no longer face a challenge with their skylights and hard to reach windows. Energy savings can be maximized.

Camera surveillance with remote notification to your smart phone, automated door locks and other security options are available. Smart monitoring of your temperature and climate control systems can be accomplished and controlled in a similar fashion.