Partners in Design

Home and small business owners want more in their living and work space than ever before. Technology plays a large role in those wants. With a smart phone in use constantly during the day, there is instant gratification in getting text, email, viewing pictures, google inquiries and a host of other capabilities. At Hanson, we extend these capabilities to include entertainment, security, lighting, window coverings, HVAC, and a host of other activities that are very appealing to most consumers. These additional capabilities are available through you — our Partners, that utilize our expertise in these areas.

Key to this partnership is use of our experience showrooms where you can bring prospects or clients to actually experience this technology to see how it could work for them. We can provide consultation and help enhance your overall proposals and end solutions for improved client satisfaction and expanded offerings for you. Our facilities are available for meetings, events or just walk throughs during our normal business hours or special off hour times that can be arranged to accommodate busy schedules. Just contact us for those things we can do to help you be more successful.


Tell us about your project or visit us at our showrooms.