Building a home? Remodeling a home? Updating a home?

The keys to success in any of these exciting life changes are early involvement to identify what you want to accomplish and explore the optimum way to get it done within your allotted budget. Hanson offers a free, in home consultation for this purpose. After getting to know you and your objectives, we will work closely with you to prepare design proposals and explore options to help you decide on the lifestyle enhancements you wish to implement. Home Theater, Media Rooms, Smart Home Automation, Whole House Audio, Outdoor Entertainment, Lifestyle Designs, Lighting, Networks, Security, Blinds and Shades are some of the areas of focus where we can lend our expertise.

Our Process

Design Services

A well-designed solution should integrate seamlessly with your lifestyle. Attention to detail is key. Items such as room layout, speaker placement for best sound, sight lines for best viewing, selecting the right style for appearance as well as function in lighting, blinds, entertainment, security and a host of other considerations need to be taken into account. We have designed and installed thousands of systems since our founding in 1999. Our extensive experience and expertise in this area will help achieve the outcome you are looking for.

Product Selection

We offer a good, better, best and ultimate product offering to meet a variety of needs. Our product quality is superior with award winning, best-in- class products at various price points. As important as the main products like TV’s , speakers and components are to a system, the supporting products like cables, power protection, network components, etc. are equally important for a good functional system. We select only the best performing, high quality products from established industry leading manufacturers.

Installation Services

As a complete installation and integration team, we pre-wire new construction, retrofit existing structures, cut in speakers, integrate products, setup distributed video and distributed audio, calibrate equipment, setup networks, and make sure that everything works together. We have the in-depth knowledge from technical education training, professional certifications and experience to set this up properly in your home.

Support Services

We have a dedicated service department for issues that may come up from time to time with any electronic system. Changing cable providers, network changes or other areas where we can troubleshoot and fix issues are common occurrences where we can help. Having the right technical help available can take the stress out of what is often a “frustrating situation”.

Make sure to contact us so we can help you with every step along the way to making your house perfect.